Dewatering Equipment Rentals

Rental Equipment Available

  • Belt Filter Press
  • Dewatering Equipment
  • Recessed Chamber Press
  • Centrifuge
  • Gravity Belt Thickener
  • Bio-Solids Screening Equipment
  • Sludge Screening Equipment
  • Sludge Thickener
  • Sludge Conveyors
  • Mix Tanks

Dewatering Equipment Rentals

Fast, cost-effective sludge reduction solutions. Dewatering equipment for both municipal and industrial applications.

Equipment can be rented with an operator in two different capacities. The first, an operator will give specific instruction and training on how the equipment should be operated, and the second, an operator will stay with equipment to manage until the equipment has completed the project.

Using our mobile belt filter presses, recessed chamber presses and centrifuges, you can produce dry sludge cake suitable for disposal by land application or land filling. Commonly used in wastewater and water treatment, paper mills, chemical, textiles, pharmaceutical, food production, mining and other industries in need of water filtration.

Belt Press Rentals

Our self-contained trailer mounted dewatering units can be mobilized directly to your site and become operational in only a few hours. Set-up and training services are provided to insure a simple operation.

Common applications include digester sludge removal, lagoon sediment removal, emergency response, and any wastewater, sludge or bio-solids removal needs.

Filter Press Rentals

The trailer-mounted units provide an alternative to belt filter press mechanical dewatering. Often used in applications requiring extremely dry filter cake, this equipment will help you with difficult to dewater materials.

Dredge Rentals

Shallow draft dredging equipment removes accumulated solids to a depth of 30 feet. Dredging equipment is completely portable and operates with minimal turbidity to maintain the "on-line" status and ecological characteristics of the waterway or system.

Optimum value can be achieved by combining removal with our dewatering and land application equipment services.

Centrifuge Rentals

Our centrifuges are installed for solid/liquid separation in both municipal and industrial applications.

The centrifuge is a rotating assembly that uses centrifugal force to separate solids from liquids. The materials fed into the centrifuge have different specific gravities which allow them to "settle" concentrically at different levels in the centrifuge. The material with the higher specific gravity (solids) will settle on the inside wall of the rotating assembly, while the lighter material (liquids) remain towards the core of the rotating assembly. The internal conveyor which is rotating at a slightly different speed moves the settled material up the "beach" of the conical end of the machine towards the discharge ports. Solids are compacted and dewatered by the centrifugal force and released through these ports. Used liquids from the process are released at the opposite end of the machine through adjustable weir plates.

Mixing Tank Rentals

These tanks are commonly used for both storage and creating flow equalization. The mobile mixing tanks have a holding capacity of 20,000 gallons and are still simple to both move and transport.

Sludge Conveyor Rentals

The 30 foot stackable conveyors are used to transfer residual waste material from presses to a mixing tank, storage tank or dump trailer.

Our equipment is specially designed to reduce sludge to a fraction of its original volume, shrinking your handling and disposal costs.

Our sludge dewatering experts can recommend a program to reduce the volume and corresponding costs of transportation and disposal.

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